Scotty Webs

Scotty is a self taught Tattoo Artist. Specializing in geometric and dot work, his style is hard to miss.

Style of Choice: Geometric & Black Work
Known for: Tight Lines and Intricate Designs
What Sets him apart: His Ultra Positive Attitude

Scotty vibe rubs off on anyone he helps out. He loves putting his flare on designs that come his way.

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Tattoos by Scotty Webs

  • A few feathers for Glenna Single needle work
  • A couple available designs I have on hand
  • The start of Metatron Cube for my friend  thankshellip
  • Job stopper rose job today rose floraltattoo handtattoo
  • From the moon to the sun stippling dotworktattoo mandalatattoo geometrictattoohellip