Jessica Danilow

Jessica is a self taught sketch artist. She took on the role of a Studio owner in 2016. The ride has been full of surprises! She enjoys Cats, Art, Tattoos, Cat Art, Tattoos of Cats, .. you get the idea.

Style of Choice: Floral, Neo Traditional, Portrait
Known for: Soft Shading, Color Blending and Realistic Imagery
What Sets her apart:¬†She legit loves cat and has ‘Cat Lady’ across her knuckles

Her willingness to please will ensure you get the best work possible from her. Due to her high demand (from art, business and life) If you’re idea inspires her, she may find room for you sooner than you think.

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Tattoos by Jessica Danilow

  • Another fun one done today winnipegtattooshow so happy to finally
  • First lil tattoo done at the winnipegtattooshow good way to
  • This was a really fun piece tondo today Have one
  • Got a good head start on this cat lady flash
  • Hey guys gypsycattattoos will be tattooing winnipegtattooshow next weekend Hope
  • Got a a healed pic of my clients cat tattoo