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Looking for a Tattoo or Piercing?

In order to make any appointments with our Tattoo Artists or Piercer, you’ll have to make a request to talk to them.
The easiest way is to call us at the studio 🙂


The next best way would be to have us call you. To do that, please fill out our contact form below. It is important we do provide services, not prices, we do not offer quotes outside of the consultation, so please refrain from asking up front.

Please note:

We ALWAYS have availability for Piercing Walk-ins (stop by or make an appointment just in case)
We have LIMITED availability for Tattoo Walk-ins (best bet is to call)
Custom tattoo ideas require Consultations – Always.

FYI – Jessica’s Books are Closed for now.

This does not mean you can’t contact her, but be advised you will be placed on a call back list. Also note, priority will be given to pieces that give her more artistic freedom to create. For smaller pieces we will contact you to reconsider booking with one of our other artists.